who are we

About Us

We have mainly created editorial design, visual communication , visual design, and degital design, Mural design, and photography

We provide services to a variety of business such as companies, restaurants, retail shops, and even individuals. Our design follows and matches the fast changing technology and all the new trends in the market. It will be compatible for use with personal computers, note pads, and smart phones.They work with the client to create graphic design ,web design, phtography, mural based on messaging, research, and data. Experts in the each field of creater present different business areas.

Our Story


what is 73F Room

73F Room….The name means a room at 73 degrees Fahrenheit where the company started in the winter of 2015. This comfortable tempureture in this room had the effect of relaxing and relieving stress and was an excellent environment to create something new. However, in summer, the temperatures change, and the team needs to discuss it.Our stuff are each experienced for over twenty years. Our office is always comfortable, and we never miss any deadline.

Our specialization

What we do

Graphic Design

We can design and print anything, not only on paper, but on just about any material. From the simple to the complex.

Web Design

In addition to printing products, we can also design your website, maintenance of the server, web marketing and so on.


Wedding and Portrait photography based in TX area. We can shooting anything each client wants. Food, Interior, Headshot, Portfolio, and so on.

Mural Design

We can paint on your business location.








Cups Of
Our Team

Meet our team

CEO & Founder

She is the main graphic and web designer. She has a 3 drink limit, If she breaks that rule, she will start dancing and giggling.

Vice President

Samboni is a bright, friendly, and an interesting person and helps the company in business and marketing efforts. He loves to watch football (soccer) game.


She has great skill of marketing and she is also professional food cordinator.

Photo & Video Grapher

Nicolas is the main Photographer. He loves to wears only black clothes.